The new website has two tabs at the top—one for the Assessor’s and one for Planning/Zoning.

The Zoning tab has additional layers on it.

You can use your mouse to scroll in or out or the scroll bar at the far right side of the screen.

Click on Get Started to find info on a property.  It will give you a report on the search results.   You can double click on an individual property to zoom to it.  To close the report, click on the tab that says Doc Viewer.  Use map navigation to zoom into a property.

If you click on the Layers icon at the right, at the top, you will see the choice of map or satellite.  If you click on satellite, you will see the aerial images.  Below that, you will see the layers that are available.  If you want to see the legend for each layer, click on the + sign.  To turn on or off a layer, click on the box beside it.

The hand icon allows you to move or “pan” the view.  Click on the map to “grab” it and move it around.

The property card icon allows you to click on a property to get the landowner.  At the bottom of the pop-up screen, you can click on “Property Card” to get more info.

The pencil & ruler icon allows you to measure.  Click on the first spot and double click at the end and it will give you the distance.  By clicking on the drop arrow beside “feet” you can change to miles, meters, etc.  If you click on the polygon shape and click several spots on the map, you can find the area.  Again you can change this to acres, square miles, etc.

The red circle icon clears the selected feature.

The printer icon allows you to save the map to a pdf file so that you can then open that file to print it.

If you click on the photos icon, and then a parcel, it will show you any photos that there may be for that parcel.

The Zoning tab also includes a buffer icon.  If you click on it, you will need to put in a measurement, then click on a property feature.  It will give you a report of all the parcels that are within the buffer area.