FILING FEES (Effective January 1, 2013 through January 1, 2018)(Section 33-109)(LB 14)


The filing fees for the Register of Deeds’ offices in the State of Nebraska are as follows:


1st Page of Document = $10.00

2nd Page and Subsequent of Document = $6.00


·          The above fees pertain to ALL documents filed in the Register of Deeds’ office with the exception of the following:

UCC Financing Statements, Amendments and Continuations – remains the same fee at $10 for the first page and $.50 for each

additional page       

                Federal & State Tax Lien Termination – No Fee

                                UCC Termination – No Fee

                                Relinquishment – No Fee


DOCUMENTARY STAMP TAXES (Effective 7/1/2005)(LB 40):


Documentary Stamp Tax = $2.25 per thousand


·          In August 2011 the NE Dept. of Revenue Property Division has provided a new version of Form 521.  You may access the new Form 521 at  under “Forms.”  

·          Item 25 has been added to the new Form 521, which the filer must complete.  A list of exemptions is available from the Register of Deeds or at under “Featured Information.”  Click on “Documentary Stamp Tax” then click on “Documentary Stamp Tax Exemptions Chart.”  

·          Register of Deeds WILL NOT accept a deed for recording unless items 1 through 25 are properly completed and a Real Estate Transfer Statement, Form 521 is signed. Please follow the “Instructions” for completing the Form 521.

·          All Death Certificates now require a completed Real Estate Transfer Statement (Form 521).

·          All Easements now require a completed Real Estate Transfer Statement (Form 521).


SPACE REQUIREMENTS (Effective 8/27/11)(Section 23-1503.01)(LB 254):

·          Shall contain a Blank Space at the top of the First Page which is at least 3 inches X 8 ½ inches.  IF THE FIRST PAGE OF THE DOCUMENT PRESENTED FOR RECORDING DOES NOT HAVE THE REQUIRED BLANK SPACE, WE WILL ADD A COVER PAGE AT THE COST OF AN ADDITIONAL PAGE.

·          “No attachment” or affirmation shall be used in any way to cover any information or printed material on the instrument.  (ex. Nothing may be taped or attached to an instrument) 

·          Every Instrument presented for recording shall have on the first page BELOW the 3 inch margin a return address and the Title of Document.  If this space is not provided, a cover sheet will be added and an additional $6.00 will be charged.


Margin Requirments:

·          1” on both vertical sides and 1” on the bottom.  This applies throughout the document.


Instrument Requirements:

·          At least 8 ½” x 11” and no larger than 8 ½ ” x 14”

·          Shall be printed, typewritten or computer generated in BLACK ink

·          Must be WHITE paper, of not less than 20lb weight

·          Must be legible

·          All signatures on an instrument shall be in black or dark blue ink

·          Names of each party shall be typed, printed or stamped beneath the original signature

·          Stamps shall not cover or interfere with any part of the instrument

·          Font size shall be at least 8 point


Exceptions to the rule:

·          Instruments signed before August 27, 2011

·          Instruments executed outside of the United States

·          Certified copies from governmental agencies (ex. death certificates)

·          Instruments signed by an incapacitated or deceased person at the time of recording

·          Instruments formatted to meet court requirements

·          State & Federal Tax Liens

·          UCC Instruments

·          Plats, Surveys, etc.




In-Office photocopies of documents are:  Letter size-25 cents per page; Legal size-30 cents per page; Ledger size-35 cents per page

Faxed, Emailed or Mailed out copies of documents are: $1.00 per page

Certified Copies of documents are: $1.50 per page


Research of Property or Abstracting is not done by the Knox County Clerk or office personnel.