Picture Tour

During Construction of the Elkhorn Ridge Wind Farm near Bloomfield

Base of turbine with rebar.Base with a crane in the background.People seeing the work on the base, rebar on the ground around it.

This is the base of a tower showing cement footings with the rebar. There are 48 tons of rebar and 495 cubic yards of cement per foundation.

The picture on the right shows all of the rebar covered with cement.

People standing next to the rebar covered with cement...rebar reinforcements come up to their chests.People inspecting the work on the base.

This shows the connections for the tower, conduit for the cabling, and the ground wire. The close up photo shows the bolts that will anchor the tower.

More cement is needed for this foundation.


Turbine itself. it is over twice as tall as the people standing next to it.Picture of the tip of the turbine that holds the blades before they are inserted.

This nacelle is the size of a bus! It will be placed at the top of the tower. This holds the generator and has working area. The hub will be attached to the nacelle and placed at the top of the tower and have the blades attached to it.

A blade lying on the ground.Inside of a blade, small amount of wiring shows the sensors inside the blade.

This blade is waiting to be attached. Note the curvature of the blade. The picture on the right is of the sensors inside the blade.

Tower going up in sections on the ground...crane next to the sections.Picture shows a tower with the nacelle and hub on top waiting for the blades.

The tower will go up in sections. The site is approximately 100x100.

The picture on the right shows a tower with the nacelle and hub on top waiting for the blades.

Base of the tower showing the large bolts anchoring it with a small set of stairs into a door.Each section of the base has a landing...showing the ladder up through a landing in one of the sections.

The base of the tower shows the large bolts anchoring it. Only a small portion of the cement is visible now.

The dirt is compacted around the base to cover the majority of the foundation

The photo on the right is Inside the tower looking up. There are landings at each section of the tower.

The finished wind tower.

The finished tower!